Building on the principle ‘Communication is a two-way process of understanding others and expressing yourself’ this section will stress the importance of communication partnerships and highlight resources to help you find out about preferred communication approaches and skills of both partners. 

It is important at all times to match the communication approaches of both partners.

  1. The Communication Profile and Survey lays out a template used in one organisation. The Learning and Development section of this website details how this organisation responded to the results. Download the document here.
  2. ‘Supporting our Consultation Group’ is a case study that outlines how to meet the communication support needs of one group of people. Download the document here.
  3. This document highlights a range of tools used when ‘Building a picture of how people communicate’Download the document here.
  4. This Personal Profile Level 1 begins the process of learning about someone’s preferred communication approaches, and also starts the process of considering personal outcomes.
  5. This Personal Profile Level 2 asks more detailed questions about someone’s preferences for support. It compliments many other tools and resources used to build a picture of how people communicate.
  6. There are also many Person-centred Thinking Tools that allow you to find out about people’s communication.



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