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Contact name: Partners in Communication
Contact telephone: 0300 330 9292

How to develop appropriate communications approaches for a young person transitioning to adult services. 

Joseph is 17 years old. He is preparing to leave school within the next year and move on to an adult service. He gets frustrated at not being able to communicate his wishes. Around one year ago an augmentative communication system was provided for Joseph. This allows him to choose activities by pressing on a picture of that activity and this produces a voice output describing his chosen activity. The local social work department wish to find out more about the type of adult service that will meet Joseph’s needs. Download the document here.

This resource looks at Joseph's story and how to develop appropriate communications approaches to help this transition:

  1. What are Joseph’s preferred ways of communicating?
  2. What are his likes and dislikes?
  3. What would an ideal day for him look like?
  4. What are his particular strengths?
  5. What type of service would Joseph consider to be ideal for him?


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